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ACT extension PorZo provides very easy interface for pressure restrictor setup in ANSYS Fluent. PorZo can be used for Filters, Heat Exchangers, Valves, Orifices, Perforated plates, and many more. Whenever you need to include additional pressure loss in your simulation without detail modelling of pressure restriction device itself. Main feature is linear regression of measured data and calculation of predefined perforated plates with direct conversion into ANSYS Fluent. 

Do you want to set pressure loss in ANSYS Fluent via Porous Jump or Porous Zone concept, but required inputs seems too complicated? Do you want to include perforated plate in your simulation? Did you measure pressure loss and want to incorporate it to the CFD simulation? The PorZo can provide solution.


    • Supports Porous Jump and Porous Zone concepts.
    • Linear regression of measured data with direct conversion into ANSYS Fluent inputs.
    • Input data can contain one or more points.
    • Three types of perforated plate included.
    • Directional dependent pressure loss.
    • Text file input (csv or txt) or interactive table input method.
    • Detail documentation with Theory Guide.

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